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Backup Storage Facilities


Backup Storage Facilities is a leading specialist in the backup, transportation and security of both electronic and hard-copy data

Once lost, data can never be replaced, with devastating effects on a company. So what are you doing to keep your data safe?

BSF is a leading full-service storage provider in South Africa, tailoring custom and cost-effective storage solutions to your organisation’s needs. Our unique offering is more than simply electronic data protection – we utilise a rock-solid, state-of-the-art storage infrastructure and strong footprint all across the country to transport, store and protect your physical data as well.

Through unparalleled customer service and truthful interaction with our customers, we aim to become more than simply a service provider. Partnering with our clients, we attend to every data storage need, offering policies that are in your best interests, and total data safety and compliance.

Contact us now for complete peace of mind.

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